Offset errors

 From:  Michael Gibson
1490.9 In reply to 1490.8 
Hi Steve,

Don't get me wrong, this is a good concrete example for me to focus on to tune up, thanks for posting it.

> I know such as deviant as "like around 0.035 degrees" is not a problem,

Well for a lot of things it would not be... But the offset mechanism is kind of sensitive to this particular amount of deviation.

Things right around this level of deviation create offset segments that are just a little bit too far apart from the 0.001 tolerance, so they don't get the sort of automatic snap-ends-together applied to them, they will get filled in with either a small connector if there is a gap, or if they cross each other it will try to intersect and trim them. But it is quite difficult to get a proper intersection on things that are very close to colinear...

I think the best bet to fix this up is for me to actually try and adjust curve's shape just very slightly to true up the tangent there. I've just got to be a bit careful about how this is done, I don't want to mutate things too much.

For now I will put this on my bug list of things to tune up.

Please let me know if you continue to run into it in other situations.

- Michael