Large industrial wallpanels press machine (Moi+Rhino)

 From:  Maximus (MAX)
I'd like to show my latest job and the first one which made good use of Moi3D, this is a big heavy machine used when building foamfilled insulated walls for buildings. I was asked to produce a detailed model based upon photographic references of the real thing for a client. This model is large, and by large i mean both in size as it's built at 1:1 scale and with all the screws, bolts, cables, hoses and everything in place totaling at about 3600 objects for the entire assembly. I spent two weeks modeling this and a couple of hours rendering it (rendering was outsourced to e3D's renderfarm using Fryrender for this job).

Moi3D was very useful during this job as i built somewhere between 50-60% of the models there and then i copied and pasted them back into Rhino3D into the final assembly to see that they fit into the rest of the model. The copy/paste function worked flawlessly between both programs :) when working with both programs without having the need to load the entire assembly into Moi i setup quick referenceplanes in Rhino so i knew where and how big parts should be then i modeled within that "virtual box", it was a breeze working like that. Also i utilized Moi when exporting all the parts of this machine as .obj so closeup shots of various parts could be rendered in Cinema4D.

Unfortunately i have only got the demoversion of Moi to work with. But hopefully that will change someday.. :)

This handheld foam injector part was built entirely in Moi3D, then copied and pasted back into Rhino3D to fit in with the rest of the assembly

The entire assembly viewed within Rhino

And the very same one loaded into Moi3D :)

Closeup 1

Closeup 2

Closeup 3

Closeup 4

Closeup 5

And the final rendering rendered with Fryrender's ToonCore delivered to my client (without the waterstamps ofcourse)

More screens from the process can be seen here

Moi was used for more parts in this assembly than you can see in this thread, but i haven't got screenshots from Moi of them all. Hope it's ok anyways :)

Thanks for looking!

/ Magnus

EDITED: 24 Mar 2008 by MAX