Nouvo Silhouette (remember this ....? )

 From:  rayman
Hi !
If your sort of my age around 40-50 you will probably remember this...
It was a hot wheel car that was in next to every second childrens
room around in the 60s and beginning of the 70´s
It was based on a car named Silhouette.Based on a hot rod
that was costructed by Bill Cushenbery. He won the hot rod
competition at that time with it.
Of all the bubble shaped cars we see in todays design...
this was sort of the grandfather .... !
I tried to not copy that car but instead to make a nouvu version
of it that I would want it to look like.
Heres some further reading on the original hot rod....

this is from this short :

and see this :

For the hot wheels see this link !
Silhouette is the last one down......

Hope this will bring back some memories in some of you big kids !
This car was modeled in Moi 3d and rendered in Kerkythea...