Hidden line snapping

 From:  Michael Gibson
1471.8 In reply to 1471.6 
Hi Steve,

> That is what I have been doing, but I was thinking that after
> you select an object, then "hide", that on the second press of
> hide that the selection would reverse, what I would of thought
> as an easy option to "hide all not selected".

I can see how that would look like that.

But what actually happens here is after the object is hidden, then nothing is selected.

When nothing is selected and you push the "Hide" button again you trigger the regular show mode, same as if you pushed it at any time when there are no objects selected.

To do a "Hide all not selected" (sometimes called "Isolate selection", etc... ) is a different thing, you can do that by setting up a shortcut key with this script on it:
script:moi.geometryDatabase.invertSelection(); moi.geometryDatabase.hide(true);

> Is there a way to inverse selection? So I can select a few objects,
> inverse selection, then hide.

Yup, there is a button for this Select menu on the right-side pane. If you want to set it up on a keyboard shortcut, use this:

But if you want to do this frequently you may want to use the other script above which bundles the invert and the hide all together.

- Michael