Hidden line snapping

 From:  manz
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Hi Michael,

>>>When you have a lot of points bunched up like that, it usually helps a lot to zoom in on that area, that will tend to make it a lot easier to pick the point you are trying to reach.

Yes, but it does kill the flow having to zoom in to every point to confirm correct snapping.

>>>Also if there are certain kinds of snaps getting in your way, you can disable some of them by going to the Object Snap button on the bottom toolbar, and using the arrow that appears above it to pop up the menu.

I have also followed that route, but still have to zoom in, or I get similar as shown,

>>>If you've got a bunch of stuff getting in your way, hiding that stuff is generally your best bet.

That is what I have been doing, but I was thinking that after you select an object, then "hide", that on the second press of hide that the selection would reverse, what I would of thought as an easy option to "hide all not selected".

Is there a way to inverse selection? So I can select a few objects, inverse selection, then hide.

>>>A quick test of a couple of different CAD programs yields the same behavior as MoI, presumably for similar reasons.

In other CAD programs, I have better management of objects such as "Layers"


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