Hidden line snapping

 From:  Michael Gibson
1471.5 In reply to 1471.3 
I may be able to tune this up to a certain extent in v2, but trying to snap to only visible endpoints has some difficult parts to it.

Probably some situations will cause points to be left out where you might not want them left out, like a big line overlapping on top of a shorter line. If the bigger line covers up the smaller line, then you wouldn't get a chance to snap to the endpoints of the small line.

There are quite a few places during normal modeling where things overlap for a while, so it could be problematic to have these kinds of missing points in overlaps, that's why it does not attempt to do it currently.

A quick test of a couple of different CAD programs yields the same behavior as MoI, presumably for similar reasons.

I have added this to the wiki wishlist to keep track of.

- Michael