Hidden line snapping

 From:  Michael Gibson
1471.4 In reply to 1471.3 
> Yes, I understand that, but from what I would class as a
> simple model, I do have problems with selection: With the
> views off, as simple example:

When you have a lot of points bunched up like that, it usually helps a lot to zoom in on that area, that will tend to make it a lot easier to pick the point you are trying to reach.

Also if there are certain kinds of snaps getting in your way, you can disable some of them by going to the Object Snap button on the bottom toolbar, and using the arrow that appears above it to pop up the menu.

If you've got a bunch of stuff getting in your way, hiding that stuff is generally your best bet.

> With the Hide/show.
> This I see as only works if a selection is made first.
> So do not fully understand your explanation.

If you make a selection first, then pushing hide after that will hide whatever is selected.

If you have nothing selected, then pressing Hide will trigger the "show" operation instead.

The "show" operation has an additional stage to it - it does not immediately exit after it is invoked. Instead it waits for you to specify which hidden object you want to show - you do this by selecting the object and then pushing Done or right-click. At that point only that particular object will be shown and the rest of the hidden objects (which were being temporarily displayed) will go back to being hidden.

As a shortcut for showing all objects you can click the "Hide" button a second time, rather than going to the viewport and actually selecting every single object there.

- Michael