Hidden line snapping

 From:  Michael Gibson
1471.2 In reply to 1471.1 
Hi Steve,

> There is an option to hide (view) line/edges, but snapping is still made to these.

There's kind of 2 different methods - there's the Options / View / Display hidden-line curves/edges (which I think you're talking about here), and then there is Edit / hide.

The first one disables the faint dashed hidden-line display. When that is disabled, some snaps like "On" snap will also be disabled, but ones that target individual points like end or mid will still be active.

If you use Edit/Hide to hide an object, then there should be no kind of snapping on to it in any way.

So if you really want to get it out of the way and not snap on to it, I'd recommend using Edit/Hide for that purpose. The other one is mainly for people who feel that the faint dashed hidden lines are visually cluttering their display.

re: Hide - basically the confusing part there is that when you go to show objects, it will temporarily display all the hidden objects so that you can select just a subset of them to display instead of displaying them all.

Try these 2 posts and see if they clarify things:


> but if I select to draw a line, then the hidden/shown objects reverse again.

What was happening here, is that you still had not finalized the last step of "show", which is to select what you want to show. Or at that point instead of clicking on objects, you can also right-click or press the Hide button a second time to target all objects.

If you fire up a command before finishing the current sequence, that will be the same as if you pushed "Cancel" to bail out of the show action.

This is similar to if you draw a circle, but then push "Line" before clicking the final point of the circle, the circle command will cancel in that case.

Does that make sense? Please let me know if this is still not clear.

The reason why Hide works in this confusing manner is to make the show part more powerful and flexible and allow for bringing back just one hidden object instead of all.

- Michael