Where can I see the width , length or height or my objects ?

 From:  Michael Gibson
1452.5 In reply to 1452.1 
Also one way you can see width and height at the same time is use Draw curve / Rectangle to draw a rectangle that frames your object, and watch the Width: and Height: readout in the upper-right options area.

But generally right now MoI is focused on giving you the tools to specify exact lengths, widths, and heights as you are creating an object.

So for example if you draw a box you can enter an exact coordinate for the corner of the box, and there are options for entering specific sizes for all its dimensions.

So in general, if you need something of a particular size the idea is to make it that size right away and then you don't need to worry about looking at what size it is later on, you already know it is what you wanted.

But I do plan on adding a bunch of things for v2 that will give more information about an object like this.

- Michael