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Hi Michael,

>>>There isn't a way to do it right now, but it will be an easy thing to add for V2.

That would be a paid upgrade. For your application to be "Powerful, accurate" do you not think such info is required in current release?

>>>For MoI v1 you need to copy/paste into Rhino for this checking.

I have seen you mention Rhino many times, not all users of MOI will have Rhino, and not all users of Rhino would feel a need to purchase or use MOI. I look at MOI as a standalone product, I am not putting forward a "wish" but what I think is currently missing from such a release. (with full respect and IMHO).

>>>If you just want to get an idea of the coordinates, you can run a drawing command (for example line), and look at the x,y,z coordinates in the bottom toolbar when you snap on to a spot on the object.

I did look at that before post, but that only gives point info.
Dont get me wrong, there are many very simple workarounds due to current implementation, but I did expect simple info on objects to be available. (it as certainly not put me off making purchase).

>>>For v2 it is planned to have an object properties panel that will make it easier to get various kinds of object information like this.

I would presume that would be similar to the "What" command in Rhino? (well you mentioned Rhino first lol)

I will say, I do like this program. I have attempted many forms (from loft / bridge / sweep) that would crash a number of programs, yes, on purpose, instead, MOI gives me a possible example.(nice co-processor~ is that yours?)

My respect,