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 From:  Michael Gibson
1447.20 In reply to 1447.19 
Hi Steve, the "What" command for Rhino v1 did not give size or orientation information on solids.

There was no concept of an orientation attached to an object in Rhino v1.

I do expect to add in a set of Analyze commands to MoI to query things like volume, length, etc... These are not present in version 1.0 though.

If you have Rhino I guess I don't quite understand what the fundamental problem is for you, are you having problems transferring data into Rhino to perform these types of queries?

I can understand that it would be good to have these operations inside of MoI, that's why they are going to be added.

Version 1.0 of MoI is focused mostly on making it quick and easy to draw simple objects, that core mission does not require these types of analysis tools, so that's why they have not been a focus so far.

In general development of MoI is a lot different than development of Rhino. I'm not rushing to throw in every single kind of possible tool I can think of which is what I did with Rhino.

Instead with MoI the approach is a lot more careful and calculated, I'm trying to slowly build things up so that the final result can have a carefully balanced interface.

I can understand that you might have some frustration with this approach if you are more used to the "tons of stuff" kind of approach instead.

Over time I expect for this approach to pay off with plenty of functionality but with with an overall easier and more pleasant to use interface.

This approach may mean that the current version of MoI is not suitable for you and you may have to wait for a while before things kind of bubble up to the level of functionality that you need.

However, having said that there are also a lot of things in MoI currently that you may be interested in as well, so a good approach for you currently might be to use MoI in combination with Rhino instead of expecting to use MoI completely on its own.

- Michael