Open / closed polysurf

 From:  Michael Gibson
1447.2 In reply to 1447.1 
Hi Steve,

> Just wondering if there a way (maybe script) to check an object
> for open/closed polysurf (solid or not).

There isn't a way to do it right now, but it will be an easy thing to add for V2.

For MoI v1 you need to copy/paste into Rhino for this checking.

There is a script method for finding closed curves or not, it just happens that nobody asked for the equivalent for surfaces until now.

> Also, can I get any info on an object (location / orientation etc)

If you just want to get an idea of the coordinates, you can run a drawing command (for example line), and look at the x,y,z coordinates in the bottom toolbar when you snap on to a spot on the object.

For v2 it is planned to have an object properties panel that will make it easier to get various kinds of object information like this.

- Michael