From:  Michael Gibson
1443.2 In reply to 1443.1 
Hi Steve, thanks for checking out MoI!

> I have used Rhino since first betas, I did get annoyed that
> I was expected to pay for upgrade to 1.1 just because I
> made purchase of the program early (Mike will remember that)

Pricing for Rhino 1.1 was not my decision...

Normally I would expect that a .1 type version upgrade (like 1.0 to 1.1 or 2.0 to 2.1) will be available for no charge. That's a pretty standard procedure.

But I don't really expect to have a MoI version 1.1, it will probably go from version 1.0 to version 2.0 .

Normally a .1 version would be done if the initial version was sort of a little rough and unrefined and had some things postponed... For MoI 1.0 the beta lasted for quite a long time and the final release is all polished up and already has all the refinement type stuff in it.

I actually kind of prefer to do things in this way - to take some time nailing down the initial release rather than pushing things off to .1 versions or service pack releases. It kind of takes a fair amount of extra time to do this, so that's why it is not quite as common.

> I do not use tablet/pen, so I do find it strange (at first) to find
> my way around the view. But a couple of hours later, strange but OK.

You actually don't have to use any of the stuff that was set up for tablets - mouse navigation stuff like right drag rotate and wheel zooming all works as well.

But yeah the overall UI approach is somewhat different than a standard old-fashioned type application so it can feel a bit strange at first... :)

I'm glad that you like the feel after sticking with it for a bit!

- Michael