Fillets and booleans, why?

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Fredrik,

I have added your requests to the wiki wishlist:

> - Could a Merge-function that merges co-circular, co-conic
> and co-planar surfaces be made?

For planar surfaces, this kind of merging should be happening automatically in boolean operations, for example taking these 3 boxes:

And then doing boolean union on them will produce this result:

As you can see the co-planar top parts were merged into one single plane.

I have noticed that this merging does not happen in all cases though, if you run across examples where it does not work please send them to me at so I can get them logged as bugs to get fixed up.

I added merging of compatible extrusions and conic sections to the wishlist, but it is not really a particularly easy thing to do in all cases, it will probably be a while before that can happen.

There can be some additional merging that happens now if the pieces involved are trimmed pieces from a larger common surface. That's why the Crown of Clubs tutorial (from here: creates such a clean final shape.

- Michael