Fillets and booleans, why?

 From:  Fredrik (FREDRIKW)
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Hi Michael,

I have collected a couple of difficult situations for fillets and booleans, which I will go through in both Moi and Rhino at work tomorrow.
Moi seems to be good at these things, and does some things that Rhino can't do automatically. I guess that's important since many Moi users are also Rhino users.

- Could a Merge-function that merges co-circular, co-conic and co-planar surfaces be made?
All co-linear single curved surfaces in other words.
(The yellow part in the picture has two co-circular faces).
If it's a reasonable wish, I wish for it. This would make clean models easier to keep clean and to work on with.

While wishing, view clipping objects in 3D viewport with would be nice. Like L- shaped clipping planes, or S-shapes, or even double curved clipping objects (with adjustable thickness colors). I will try to explain better tomorrow.
Good Night!

Thanks for the advice too!

- Fredrik