Fillets and booleans, why?

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Fredrik, I'm glad that the Fillets and booleans are working well for you!

They are a very complex area of calculation, especially fillets, so it certainly is possible to get plenty of fillets that aren't going to work in MoI. If you have a large number of edges coming together at a single corner, or tiny skinny surfaces, or surfaces that have little wrinkles or folds in them, those will all tend to make things much more difficult to fillet.

But simple structures tend to work pretty well.

Booleans are one of the strongest areas of MoI's kernel.

There are still cases that can cause difficulty with booleans though too, like if you have some pieces that overlap but that slightly wiggle in and out of each other instead of being a more exact overlap. Simple and clean overlaps like your cylinder tend to work well though.

The more simple, accurate, and clean your model is, the better chance these functions have of succeeding.

> I thought they both have the same modeling kernel?

Nope, they have completely different modeling kernels.

MoI does use the same OpenNURBS library as Rhino for reading and writing 3DM files, but it is a file I/O library, not a geometry kernel.

One other note in case you didn't know - you can also just use Copy/Paste to move models back and forth between MoI and Rhino.

- Michael