Internet Explorer 8 killed MOI!!!!!!!!

 From:  Phil (PHILBO)
I's beta.....don't use on a production machine.....

I tried it on my main computer and it worked okay....until I loaded up MOI. All the Done and Cancel buttons wouldn't show up. If I tried to draw a curve and right click to finish, the curve would disappear. I did a repair install of XP and loaded IE 7. MOI was back to normal. I installed (stupidly) IE8 again and the same bad behavior showed up. I then uninstalled IE8 and now any part of windows that relied on IE shared dll's doesn't work. I have all kinds of error messages. MOI won't start and neither will system restore. So, here goes repair install number 2 today.

Michael, you might want to verify this on spare machine to see if this is something that you need to keep an eye on.