2rails sweep troubles

 From:  Michael Gibson
1422.2 In reply to 1422.1 
Hi PaQ, there is definitely something going wrong around that corner,
too many profiles are getting bunched up there.

Thanks for posting the example, I will dig into it some more and see if I
can fix this up for v2.

Right now it looks like you can get a better result in MoI by using the
Network tool for this one instead of Sweep.

There is one part of your sweep arrangement that is kind of unusual,
that's at the back part where you have a profile curve that is tangent
with the rail. That creates a kind of surface where the corner of the
surface is not distinct, that can cause some problems later on because
the surface normal direction becomes hard to calculate in those kinds
of areas. Usually it is better to generate a surface that has more
rectangular-ish type corners, sometimes extending beyond what you
initially need and then trim things back.

> however I don't get why I have a 'better' result in rhino (learing edition)

Sweeping is a kind of adaptive process, it isn't something like an
extrude where there is one single totally well defined result.

MoI and Rhino have completely different code for calculating these
sweeps, so you won't normally get an identical result from both of
them even when everything is working properly.

There seems to be some kind of glitch in MoI's refinement process
for this particular shape.

- Michael