2rails sweep troubles

 From:  PaQ
Hello everyone,

I just want to report a trouble I have with the sweep tool.
I have to admit I'm completely noobs here, so maybe there is a better
way to construct the surface.

So here a bit picture of the problem.
On your right you have the moi result, on your left the rhino one with
the same command. As you can see there are some glitches on the surface
at every profiles of the sweep. Something that doesn't append with rhino.

Back to rhino, the wireframe show that there is indeed a lot of curves in every profile area

So maybe it's me, I have the feeling the sweep I want to do is a bit strange ... however I don't get why I have a 'better'
result in rhino (learing edition)


Pascal (forgive my english)

EDITED: 4 Dec 2015 by PAQ