Can this be made easily in MOI?

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Kreten - normally sweeping along a curve is for things that are more continuously smooth.

In your case there it appears to be a kind of segmented shape, so I would generally approach it by building individual pieces and then booleaning them together.

Here are some steps:

I started with a cylinder:

Then drew a box poking out of it, and mirrored that (I guess you could use just one wider box as well):

Then I switched to the top view and drew one circle:

Then used Revolve and set the revolve angle to 180 degrees before clicking the revolve axis, to make this shape:

Mirrored that and moved it over a bit:

Then selected both of those, and used Transform / Array / Dir to make some copies:

Now those pieces can be booleaned together. I ran into some problems with the boolean until I rotated the cylinder 90 degrees so that the closing "seam edge" of the cylinder was not running right through all the other stuff, you may find it necessary to do that for the boolean to finish in this case.

Is that what you wanted?

- Michael