Lighting again...

 From:  Michael Gibson
1416.6 In reply to 1416.4 
I do want to add different lighting options for v2.

The current one uses a single light but it is a kind of "double-ended" style, like you can see on a sphere that half of the sphere is not dark, there is more of a dark band around the middle which then goes back to light again on the other side.

One benefit of this method is it uses only a single light and is compatible even with very old video cards. I kind of wanted to nail down a basic type of lighting for v1 that would be broadly supported by a lot of even older cards, for v2 I want to mess around with some other lighting options that may require some more modern video cards with shader support.

It is possible in v1 to set up a shortcut key that will flip the light around to a different direction, that can help for now if you want to do some work in an area that is dark, the script for that is here:

- Michael