Lighting again...

 From:  PaQ
Sorry to up this old post (it's the first one I have found about lighting).

I do agree so much :)

Looks like the fill light is a little bit to low, and looks more like a rim one.

I don't know exactly how it's the lights are setup in the other 3d package.

However here's the modo one:

<atom type="Lights">2</atom>
<atom type="LIntensity1">0.7</atom>
<atom type="LColor1">1 1 1</atom>
<atom type="LAngles1">0.9424778 -0.6283185</atom>

<atom type="LIntensity2">0.3</atom>
<atom type="LColor2">1 1 1</atom>
<atom type="LAngles2">-1.570796 0</atom>

I suspect there is also a ambient value of 5 or 10 % ...

I have attached an image of this default lighting, I have put some specular to have a better view of the lights position.

EDITED: 3 Feb 2010 by PAQ