Spacenavigator PE

 From:  MFort
Hello all

I am just a hobby user of MOI but I love it and have been hooked since early in the beta. I have always been interested in the spacemouse line of products but price-wise there was no point in spending that kind of money for something that could end up as another expensive paper-weight. I noticed a thread or two here regarding support for it in MOI so I checked it out again. 3Dconnexion has now come out with a much less expensive model called the spacenavigatorPE it retails for $59 for the personal edition(no commercial use) and can be upgraded to a commercial license for $99, I believe the upgrade has to do with support. How this is enforced I have no idea, but thats not my point. I have had mine for about a week now and it has a fairly steep learning curve, but I am getting the hang of it. I can see already how useful this would be to some of you who use MOI for design purposes. After a while it starts to become intuitive where you don't have to think about controlling it. I got one for $51 on ebay its heavy, solid and easy to setup.
IMO it makes MOI even more user friendly if thats possible :)

Disclaimer: I in no way am connected with the 3D Connexion Corporation or any of its subsidiaries. This message is brought to you as a simple public service announcement.