Houdini Training

 From:  WillBellJr
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Frankly it's silly to compare Carrara to Houdini - why would any of us here do that?

MOI is an >inexpensive<, powerful NURBS modeling package. So with the thought of inexpensive being a factor, Carrara 5 Pro is considered a very nice and powerful package >for the price< (free if you go after it hard enough) - THAT'S WHY it was recommended by a few of us here.

If monies are to be spent then I'd recommend Cinema 4D or XSI - why waste your time futz'n with a Learning Edition or Bud Lite or whatever when there are low priced full packages that can get the job done?

I (finally) downloaded and played with Kerkythea - I was surprised at what I saw I must say - that's a nice companion for MOI as well for stills.

If you enjoy using Houdini, fine, any comparisions being made are by you.

I think all of us here have a grasp on the professionalism of all the differing 3D applications that are available, and based on budget, know what to buy and when.

I personally just don't see Houdini as being viable based on what else is available, especially when it come time for training and support forums...