Houdini Training

 From:  blenddoodler
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No, I don't want Houdini just to produce STILL renders. Carrara is usually MORE than enough. There are lots of samples out there to prove this.

YES, they're apples and oranges when it comes to EASE OF USE. People who bought Houdini usually end up producing NOTHING.

Besides, Houdini is never known for its modeling feature. If you already have a good modeler like MOI, you don't need complicated-to-use renderers like Houdini to produce professional-looking stills.

If you're so upbeat about recommending Houdini, then please post your renders here. Show us your work. Until then it's all talk.

I repeat, it's no use buying Houdini when you're just going to trash it later because it's so darn difficult to use.