New Sep-26 beta available now

 From:  Gavin (GAVINMC)

Thanks for the .stl save option (export button does not work, save as .stl does)
You just made Moi usable for me.
STL allows me to use Freemill to make NC code for my model trains.
I will now clean my pc of all the other cad programs that suck and stick with Moi.
Need also to clean my desk to make room for my tablet as it is by far the best way to do 3D modeling.

Not only do you have a great program that gets better every release but you just saved me lots of money.
And lots of time too, most cad/3d modeling programs take ages to learn.
This is still a hobby for me but now I can start to do stuff that serious modelers/machinists spend a life time learning and doing.

Regards Gavin