New Sep-26 beta available now

 From:  Michael Gibson
A new Sep-26-2006 beta is now available on the download page.

New stuff:

Additional file format support - export to .obj and .stl polygon files, and export/import to IGES NURBS file format. The polygon export is still a work in progress, there will be some more tuning happening there.

Right-click to repeat last command. A right click in a viewport will repeat the last command. You can also assign a keyboard shortcut for it by editing the moi.ini file like this:
[Shortcut Keys]

Option to fillet corners of a single curve - you can now select a single curve made up of multiple segments with corners (for example a polyline), then do Fillet. You can then select which corner points to fillet, or push done without selecting any to fillet all corners.

New edge fillet/chamfer option: straight corners. Checking this will cause the fillet pieces to intersect each other directly instead of having a corner piece connecting in between them.

Copy/Paste support between MoI and Rhino. You can now transfer geometry back and forth between Rhino and MoI just by ctrl+C in one, and then ctrl+V in the other. Note: MoI must remain running for the transfer from MoI to Rhino to work.

New "Set path" option for extrude. You can now push the new "Set path" button in extrude and pick a curve that will guide the extrusion. This is a little different than sweep, the shape is guided by the extrusion path but will not move perpendicular to it (use sweep for that). The resulting extrusion surface will have the same control point structure as the path curve, so you can use this to control how many control points will be created along the extrusion. For example, if you want an extrusion with 5 points along it, draw a 5 point curve and use it as the path.

Vertical option for circles - check "Vertical" when inside Circle/Center or Diameter, to have the circle rotated so that it comes up vertically from the plane instead of being within the drawing plane.

Incremental save option - you can set a keyboard shortcut to do an incremental save, where a number in the filename will be bumped up on each save (like file01.3dm, file02.3dm). To do this, use a shortcut like this:
[Shortcut Keys]

Added Alt+left drag as another way to rotate the 3D view (in addition to right-drag or the view tools), for those that are used to this from other programs. It will also pan the top/front/right view, and you can use Alt+shift+left drag to pan the 3D view.

Bumped up expiration date to Feb 11, 2007

Fixed a bug where MoI would crash when reading certain 3DM files that had very tiny edges in them.

Fixed a bug where curves would not join together unless their endpoints were very close to one another. Now they are allowed to join if they are within the modeling tolerance of each other (default 0.01 units).

Fixed a bug where shortcut keys would get accidentally triggered when using the numeric keypad on the keyboard.

A bunch of other small bug fixes.

Please let me know if anything seems broken!

- Michael