MOI and Sculpties for Second Life

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Jen, unfortunately sculpties are pretty limited. They are created using a bitmap texture file, and so the surface you create has to have a single rectangular kind of layout to it.

A sphere works because it is like a rectangular sheet that is wrapped into a tube and then has the top and bottom pinched down to a point.

The sculpty doesn't have any method to have irregular holes cut out inside of the texture map - that's why your booleans or trimming doesn't get recognized, that is just not the kind of shape that a sculpt map can do.

> So is the only usable aspect of MoI for SL the ability to deform the standard sphere?

There are also a few of other methods that you can use to create a single untrimmed sheet, like Loft, Extrude, Revolve, Sweep, or Network. The first four have a "Cap Ends" option which you should turn off, because planar end caps are made of trimmed planes.

So you may be able to get some ok results by drawing some curves and doing a Loft - the resulting lofted surface should be convertable to a sculpty.

> Is there a way to make points hard edges vs. soft curves?

No, you'll have to build things like that as separate individual surfaces and then have them as separate sculpt maps. I guess it would be conceivably technically possible to have a hard edge in a sculpt map by having some areas that had repetitions of the points, but there isn't any way to convey that to the 3dm to sculpt converter.

- Michael