MOI and Sculpties for Second Life

 From:  jengagne
It's been a while since sculpty texture-based objects came out in Second Life... I'm trying to find a tool I can live with.

Someone in SL suggested I look at MoI. There's a converter given here:

Anyone out there have experience with this? I can find zero information on which MoI tools and shapes work and which don't. So far I am able to make variously lumpy spheres by dragging points around, but the converter doesn't seem to recognize booleans when calculating the final sculpt map. (like if I, say, wanted to make a pac-man type sphere shape...)

So is the only usable aspect of MoI for SL the ability to deform the standard sphere? I'm betting yes. Is there a way to make points hard edges vs. soft curves? I fear that if I start using the add point function, disaster will ensue...

Thanks for any advice... I would have searched, but "Second" is one of the banned words for some reason!

E2A: I found this thread.
But if anyone else has additional suggestions, please let me know!

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