Trial version expired after three days?

 From:  Michael Gibson
1363.6 In reply to 1363.5 
Hi Antonino,

> When trying to remove the trial version, today I noticed
> that some months ago I already installed a previous beta
> version of MoI. Maybe the two different versions (on
> separate folders) could create some conflicts?

No, this shouldn't be the problem, the beta expiration and the trial expiration are separate things.

Can you tell me if you got any other messages displayed first, like did any other messages pop up, or was it just the one with the MoI statue/lightbulb picture on it?

> So, I probably will buy it soon, but if it would be possible
> to test it for a bit more time than three days I would be happier :-)

Can you please e-mail me at ? I can try to send you a couple of different special trial versions to see if I can figure out what would cause it to expire too soon.

- Michael