Trial version expired after three days?

 From:  Antlab
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Hi Michael.

My system is a Core 2 Duo 6300, with 2 GB of RAM. The video card is an ATI 1950 Pro. I run Vista Business (original), usually as a normal user (actually Vista always ask confirmation before installing new programs).
When trying to remove the trial version, today I noticed that some months ago I already installed a previous beta version of MoI. Maybe the two different versions (on separate folders) could create some conflicts? I tried to uninstall both and reinstall only the trial version, but I still obtain the expired message.
Anyway, apart this question, I would like to congratulate for your good work. From my first attempts, I like MoI approach, and the simple interface is very effective. So, I probably will buy it soon, but if it would be possible to test it for a bit more time than three days I would be happier :-)