Trial version expired after three days?

 From:  Michael Gibson
1363.13 In reply to 1363.12 
Hi Michael, please send me an e-mail at, and I can send you a different trial version that I think fixes the premature expiring problem. This is being tested by a few people so I'm not sure yet if it is completely solved or not yet.

> I have had a couple of problems though with
> some rhino files crashing MOI.

Is it possible to send these files to me so I can test with them?

I currently do not have any other bug reports of MoI crashing when reading .3dm files.

I'll really need an example to be able to figure out what is going wrong with these.

> Also - is there any sort of layer support?

No, not for version 1.0 . There is some round-trip support for layers - that is if you open up a Rhino file with layers and then save it back out as a .3dm file, any objects that you did not edit should retain their old layer information. But this does not apply to exports to different formats than .3dm though.

> Is there a better way to do this?

Not currently. But object organization type tools are going to be a big focus for v2.

- Michael