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 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Petr, I looked at how some other web forums behave, and it seems to be a pretty normal procedure to only include one message from the thread directly in the RSS data.

You have to follow the link in the RSS item to see the entire thread.

RSS does not appear to be set up to deal with hierarchical data, it just contains single level deep list of "items", so that does not quite map exactly to the extended parent/child structure of forum / thread / message.

With just a single level of hierarchy, the closest thing for the forum is to show a list of threads, and send just one message of that thread as a kind of representation of it.

Other forums look like they may send the first message in the thread instead of the last one, I'm not sure which is better... But it seems like the last one might be good though so you at least don't always see the same message all the time.

Is there another forum that you use that has its RSS feed structured in a better way? If so let me know so I can check it out and see what it is doing.

It is possible to adjust some parameters in the way RSS feeds are retrieved from this forum - you can include a sort_created=Y parameter in the RSS url, like this:

That will cause the threads to be retrieved by their initial creation date order, instead of the order of their last posted message, and that method will also retrieve the first message of the thread instead of the last one. This mode may be interesting for people who want to aggregate the MoI forum into their own site.

- Michael