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 From:  Michael Gibson
1362.14 In reply to 1362.13 
> So if you added "something" which allowed for downloading a
> particular message (optionally whole thread?) via RSS or NNTP,
> it would be great!

Hi Petr, I have tweaked the RSS feed so that it can take a msg=x.y parameter in the URL, where x = thread id and y = message number in thread.

So for example to retrieve just this message here through RSS, you would use this address:

So I think that should cover the basic part of what you wanted?

re: (optionally whole thread?) - unfortunately this one would take a fair amount more work, as the current RSS code is centered on the idea of a list of threads and not a list of messages.

re: NNTP - doing it through NNTP would be way way more difficult yet since that is a completely different protocol at the server level (different TCP port and everything), it would take a lot of custom work to serve out forum pages through NNTP requests.

Anyway, I hope that the new RSS tuneup works for you.

- Michael