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 From:  tyglik
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Hi Michael,

I was reading something about RSS feeds today morning ... sorry for that mistake.

>>It must be based off of your IP address - it must keep
>>an entry in its database for the last message sent to each IP address.

Definitely not. The RSS for the forum of which link I posted as an example actually works something like (if I understand it well); it always aggregates fifteen items and sends them to RSS reader on request. Then my reader built in browser compares which items were sent during the last update, shows new items and discards ones which were treated before. But it also means I don't get all new messages in case there were more than fifteen new messages written by users before requesting for update.

I am accustomed to reading McNeel's forum via webpage. However if I want I can download particular message to my Opera's news/e-mail client by typing, e.g. nntp:// into the address bar.

So if you added "something" which allowed for downloading a particular message (optionally whole thread?) via RSS or NNTP, it would be great!

>>it would probably be fairly easy for me to put together a little
>>"screen scraping" script which you could run to grab the contents
>>of any one particular forum post into a local .htm file on your hard disk.

I think I should be able to do very similar thing myself by Opera's user scripting.
Generally speaking, I prefer you spent your working day on improving MoI instead :)