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 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Petr,

> Don't ask me how it knows which messages has already been
> sent, but the truth is I have never got any message twice
> or repeatedly.

It must be based off of your IP address - it must keep an entry in its database for the last message sent to each IP address.

You mentioned before about wanting to make an archive of a message - if you are interested it would probably be fairly easy for me to put together a little "screen scraping" script which you could run to grab the contents of any one particular forum post into a local .htm file on your hard disk.

That would be done using this address, which allows for displaying a single message:

> There are a couple of a new features built into this forum
> that I like it (e.g. "]" tag) and forum itself is really well arranged.

Thanks! It's now pretty close to how I imagined it, kind of a hybrid between NNTP style (with the thread list column) and the regular web forum style.

- Michael