DXF to 3dm

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Moka, the only DXF to 3DM converter software that I can think of right now is Rhino, it should work for that job.

You might also contact Deelip Menezes at http://sycode.com/ - he has several import/export plug-ins for IntelliCAD, maybe he has something that will work for you using IntelliCAD.

Unfortunately doing an importer is always a lot more difficult than doing an exporter, and DXF is actually a somewhat complex format that can hold a lot of different kinds of things and has several different versions. That means it isn't really as easy for me to quickly make a little utility to help in this case like I did for those other cases.

But I am planning on adding DXF import directly into MoI for v2 though.

One other idea - if your lines are all 2D I think a 2D illustration program like Adobe Illustrator may be able to get them into AI or PDF format. You could also try using one of the PDF printer drivers (like PDFCreator: http://www.pdfforge.org ) and get it out to PDF that way.

- Michael