MoI3D is ignoring me....

 From:  Michael Gibson
1352.5 In reply to 1352.1 
Hi Rainer, for version 1.0 the priority was much more on not making those things crash on you! :)

As you can tell I haven't yet figured out a good place to put error type feedback.

I'd like to figure out some area where I can print a few lines of text, for error messages and also for other types of general feedback that might be useful. I have not really figured out how to set that up yet. I was kind of waiting to see if that could be figured out first before doing something different, but yeah probably something simple would be better to do sooner for this.

That pause before "Calculating..." is necessary so that it doesn't flash over there (and shift the UI) too rapidly when simple things are calculating pretty quickly.

So I think your main issue is that due to the pause, you can't tell if a command had an immediate failure, you have to wait for a moment to see if there is no "Calculating..." displayed to determine that.

It seems like one way for me to solve this would be to put a "Calculation failed" message in that same area where the "Calculating..." is displayed. The "failed" message could go up immediately instead of after a pause, and I think that would solve this particular problem.

It's not difficult to do that, but it will take some testing to make sure that some commands don't accidentally pop up a bunch of "failed" messages when you are still in the process of gathering up the inputs into the commands.

I should be able to add that in pretty easily to one of the earlier v2 betas, right now I added it to the wishlist to keep track of it, with a link back to this thread.

- Michael