MoI3D is ignoring me....

 From:  Lemo (LEMONNADO)
MoI3D and I have a relationship problem. Often I try to coax my MoI into... you know.... modeling... and MoI is simply ignoring me!
What I want to express with that is that it is annoying at times that MoI is simply sitting there, turning the attention to something else and leaving me there guessing if something may or may not happen. A good example is the bevel function. If the parameters are not perfectly right, then nothing happens. Usually there is a pause before beveling ensues and the 'calculating' message pops up. So, I am waiting for that 'pause time' to elapse before I abort and retry with another value till MoI is satisfied with my choice and gives in to my beveling desires. A red flashing indicator for 'nope... doesn't work pal!' or a 'bleep bleep' sound would be great. I am sure there is an exception trapped in the software which could be sued to indicate that something is wrong. I have not felt the urge to actually KNOW what is wrong as I usually guess right away what the problem is, but an indicator would be great! Another example is a failing boolean operation. That is pretty mute as well and can take a while to before it continues to do.... nothing. In which case I would prefer the sound to be the one of a deflating whoopie cushion.... but I guess that's just me ;)