OBJ2MoI challenge

 From:  Michael Gibson
1350.2 In reply to 1350.1 
Hi Lemo, the Plane / Corner command always makes a flat plane, not an angled one.

To do an angled plane you can use the Plane / 3pt variation:

With these 3 points:

Pick this one first:

This one second:

And this one third to make an angled plane:

However, all 3 of the plane drawing commands create a regular shaped rectangular plane. It is likely that your sphere wireframe is made up of more trapezoidal shapes that have some tapering to them.

So instead of using those drawing tools, you probably want to select the 4 lines that make up an outline and then run Construct / Network to create a surface between them.

If you're still stuck, maybe you can post your .3dm file so I can give you a more direct example.

- Michael