From:  Michael Gibson
135.2 In reply to 135.1 
> 1. Right-click to bring up an enhanced dialog box (also as presently
> in 'Options') to define Viewing settings;

Are there any view settings that you're finding you want to switch around pretty frequently? I would like to make frequently used options available under the view tab on the side pane (where there is only Reset All currently).

I'm also not sure if there is a good spot to right click, right click just inside of a viewport is pretty taken up for other things - right clicking when you are out of a command will repeat the last used command. When you're in a command, it is the equivalent of pushing "Done", or "Cancel" if there is no "Done" visible... Then I think that right click on Reset in the view controls will probably end up doing a reset all. I suppose that leaves right click on area/zoom/pan/rotate, but that is getting kind of obscure.

> 2. Placement control - not just at bottom of the view-port, but alternatively left or right (very useful for lefties);

I should be able to add this in as a setting in the moi.ini file, I'll see if I can add this for the next beta.

> 3. Speed/acceleration controls for mouse movement, obviously useful for Zoom,Pan & Rotate;

Yup, I have planned on doing this one. I think that a lot of people may find the current setting to be too sensitive. Again I'll see if I can add something in to the moi.ini for this.

>4. Split the Z, P and R icons into clickable-areas (like rings or quadrants)

This one I fear sounds rather complicated... That's quite a lot of stuff that would be hidden. Some kind of mechanism like you're describing seems like it would need actual separated buttons to be kind of clear in its function. There isn't any other type of button in the UI that has an invisible dividing line in it that controls its behavior...

- Michael