Feature or workflow?

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi xrok1,

> #1 where is this "Relocate cline"

It's covered in the help file under construction lines:

When you create a construction line, a little tag will appear above your mouse - click and hold down on it (keep the mouse button pressed down) for a second and that menu will pop up with a bunch of additional options to control the construction line.

> would the axis locking be posible with a quick script?

You should be able to get a lot of axis-locking type of functionality from the construction lines - for example the steps I showed above gives you the equivalent of a z lock.

The nice thing about the construction line method is that it isn't actually limited to just world axis directions - you can drag out a construction line between any 2 points to use any direction that you want. But at the same time straight snap will help you to get axis directions if you want.

> did you think of any tips for me when i get to the corner junction of my model?

That's definitely going to be tough - it is hard to branch when doing a contour slice type method.

You'll probably have to build some things as separate pieces and then cut some holes and add some blends to connect pieces together.

- Michael