Feature or workflow?

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi xrok1, I've added "Method to lock x,y,z axes" with a link back to this thread to the wiki wishlist page.

I think that custom construction planes will do a lot of what you are asking for though - in general when I know that a feature is going to be coming later on I have tried not to throw in too many short term workarounds for it, because it tends to be difficult to remove the short-term stuff later on.

> the x,y values would change but the z value would remain locked.

Another way to do this right now is to drag out a construction line along the z direction at the height you want, then use "Relocate cline" to place it in a different x,y location.

For example, starting with this box, say you want to place a point at the same z value as the top of the box but in a different x,y location.

Start your drawing command (for example here I used Line), then go to your box and drag out a construction line in Z:

Hold down on the launcher tag, and then on the menu that pops up pick "Relocate cline":

You have now "captured" the z value in that construction line and you can now move it around in x and y, here I have moved it off to the side a bit:

Now the snap value is available at that same z, here I snapped the line to it:

View from the front so you can see the equal z values:

- Michael