Feature or workflow?

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi xrok1,

> BTW, what did you think of my suggestions? the lock to plane one might
> satisfy some peoples requests for custom planes until v2 is released, and
> i think the color coded axis might help clarify the interface ;)

I'm not quite clear on how it would get activated - you mean by typing numbers into that x/y/z control?

But typing numbers into that control is already used if you want to specify the x,y,z coordinates of a point you are drawing, like for placing an endpoint of a line at a specific location like 0,5,2 for example. If I used that to enter some special "lock" mode instead then you would lose the ability to specify an exact coordinate... Unless I don't understand?

Another thing you may be interested in is creating a construction line and turning on "Project next pt" mode, which will do something like the kind of locking that you are mentioning, check that out here: http://moi3d.com/1.0/docs/moi_command_reference10.htm#constructionlines

- Michael