Point number presrvation / reduction ?

 From:  Michael Gibson
1341.2 In reply to 1341.1 
Hi Tom, MoI does not currently have a function for automatic point reduction.

That would be a "rebuild" function which is planned to be added in the future though.

If your plane is aligned with a world axis direction, then one different method you can use now is to turn on control points, select all the control points (easiest way is to select just one and then do ctrl+A), and then use the Transform/Align tool instead to position all those points along the same vertical or horizontal line.

Otherwise you will have to manually reconstruct the curve by drawing a new one and using the complex one as a guide to snap on to.

I should be able to improve the project function when projecting on to a plane - it is possible to do an exact transformation of the curve and keep the same control point structure in this case instead of calculating an intersection. I have made a note to tune this up for v2.

- Michael