Naughty Sphere's

 From:  Michael Gibson
1326.2 In reply to 1326.1 
Hi Rainer - yeah that is one of the biggest problems currently with filleting.

I hope to get that fixed up with an update to the geometry library that I am using for version 2.0 .

In the meantime, one approach to work around the problem is to use the Transform / Rotate (or Rotate Axis) command to spin the sphere around its own axis to move the seam further out of the way.

Sometimes it can be better to spin it so that the seam actually cuts right into the other object, instead of trying to move it away.

I mean if you have a sphere like this with the seam close to the other object, that is the problem:

If the seam actually slices into the other object:

Then that will also help to make a fillet there, instead of stopping when it hits the seam, it will stop when it runs out of seam and tries to cross the pole. Sometimes that is easier to set up.

This is definitely the #1 most annoying problem with fillets though and I am looking forward to getting an update to fix it.

- Michael