Download gets an error at Install

 From:  Michael Gibson
1321.2 In reply to 1321.1 
Hi Darktiger - thanks for the bug report.

Quad Core should be fine - I'm not familiar with the Omega drivers, but if you're running different 3D games fine, then that should be ok too.

The crash report is indicating it is crashing in a Windows system component mlang.dll trying to retrieve font information from the registry.

The crash type is an unusual type: 0xC0000006: In page error - this means that something went wrong with the Windows virtual memory manager when it tried to swap a memory page back in from disk. The disk was not able to load the page.

It might be a good idea to run a disk check utility like chkdsk ( with full surface scan, the /R parameter ) and see if that does any good.

You may be able to find other info on this error by searching for 0xC0000006 in Google.

Are you able to run Internet Explorer, or does it also have a problem starting up?

- Michael