Hide Bug?

 From:  Michael Gibson
1319.4 In reply to 1319.3 
Hi Brian, here is some additional explanation for how hide/show works.

For hiding an object, it is pretty straightforward - if something is selected and you push Hide, it will hide that object.

To show objects, you push the "Hide" button when there is nothing selected. There are some extra options for show which I'm going to cover here.

Here's an example - I've got an object showing, with 6 hidden objects:

Now I want to work on one of the hidden objects, so I would like to show it.

To do this, I will make sure the selection is cleared by clicking in an empty spot, and then push the Hide button.

Now the display will shift temporarily - all of the objects that are hidden will now be the only things displayed:

Also note that there is a prompt in the upper-right corner of the screen that says "Select objects to show".

At this point, you now have a choice - if you want to show just one of the hidden objects, you can select it and then push Done.

On the other hand if you want to show all objects, you can push "Done" without selecting anything, or you can also push the "Hide" button a second time as another way to show everything.

In this case I only wanted to show just one object, so I select it:

Then when I push Done, the display is shifted back to normal, and the original object is there, plus just the one hidden object that I selected:

So the key thing is that all the hidden objects are temporarily displayed to give you a chance to show just some smaller amount of them instead of all of them.

- Michael