Hide Bug?

 From:  Michael Gibson
1319.2 In reply to 1319.1 
Hi Brian, not sure what's going on with your particular file - can you please send it to me at moi@moi3d.com, so I can take a look?

But from your description it sounds like Carrara is having a problem creating a mesh from some of your surfaces - that would be something that would need to be fixed inside of Carrara. When you export to .lwo the mesh conversion is taking place inside of MoI instead. (also you might try using .obj format instead of .lwo if that works ok, Carrara may be able to read additional smoothing information that is stored in the .obj format).

Hide is a little complicated - the complexity is a trade-off for making it more powerful instead of needing additional hide/show buttons.

The part that can be confusing is when you go to show things.

When you show objects, everything is put "on hold" for a moment, and all the objects that are hidden are displayed temporarily.

At this point if you only want to show just one of those objects, you can pick it and then right-click (or push done), and only that one object that you specified will be shown.

If you click "hide" again or push done without selecting anything, then all hidden objects will be shown.

The reason why it works this way is to support this scenario : say you have a scene with a bunch of objects and you have currently hidden 20 different objects. Now you want to work on just one of those objects. To do this, press Hide (with nothing selected so it will trigger showing) then you will see those 20 hidden objects temporarily, and you can pick the one you want to work on, and press Done. The result will be just that one object will get un-hidden and the other 19 will remain hidden. If it showed everything all at once, you would have to then select and hide those other 19 objects.

Let me know if this still isn't clicking and I can prepare some illustrated steps which will help make it clearer.

- Michael