Do we have a clear develop map?

 From:  Michael Gibson
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> For the memory test ,it's really very simple ,i just compare them in taskmgr and maybe not exactly.

Did you ever minimize the Rhino window during your test? For Rhino's memory usage to be so low, I would guess that you minimized Rhino, but did not minimize MoI.

When you minimize an application, Windows flushes all of the application's memory to the disk, then only the stuff that is actively being used gets paged back in to occupy RAM.

On my machine, if I just launch Rhino3 and don't do anything at all, it takes up 26,040 K.

If you minimize and restore the MoI window, you should see a very similar drop in memory usage.

> And I am only wished when the program completed, it will not cost too much system resources.

It won't. It has been a major goal of MoI to be quick and light and not consume excessive resources. Another test you can do is to enable the GDI and USER object handles in task manager, and compare the use of these.

At such a light scene as you show, you really aren't testing how much system resources each program consumes when models become more detailed, you're only testing the very baseline costs.

> I mean will MIO be another caid software to instead rhino or alias?

In some ways yes, and in some ways no. For simple things yes. But there are many things that Rhino and Alias do that MoI won't do, at least for quite a long time. So it's not something that would be exactly a replacement for those programs, in many cases.

The focus in MoI is to make it easy to do simple things quickly. This can still be very useful for Industrial Design, but it is a different focus than Rhino or Alias.

> And there is a problem confused me now , how did the history command works?

You can use Edit / History to enable or disable history updates on an object. Some commands have history updating enabled by default, such as Revolve. If history is getting in your way, you can turn it off by selecting the revolved surface, and choosing Edit / History / Disable update. Now the revolve will not update anymore when you change the original curve. Other commands are the opposite of this - for example mirror has history disabled by default. If you want your mirrored object to update when the original is changed, you can select the mirrored object and go to Edit / History / Enable update. Now when you edit the original object, the mirrored one will be updated.

- Michael